Bangladeshi Lux Beauty Pageant Bidya Sinha Saha Mim Want To Return Again In Big Screen

Friday, November 14, 2014

Last year, She was quite forgotten in everywhere. Fought with her own face. She could not decide what to do. While the film is concerned, if you do not already left, it will be difficult to notice the film into place. Watching the small screen of the movie was to work on a regular basis, as well as drama. But to whom, she would accept. Is What drama love film will retire? Did not think the location is less than seven. Were discussed with the family. The final decision is made at the end itself. Now the film will work on a regular basis. All genres of film acting. However, two special days for the small screen to the work. The two Eid, plan and National Day selecting limited.
That interesting conclusions was amiss as the small screen producers, director of the screen just as happy. In the meantime, one of the creators of the picture appeared to have been that interesting. Sometimes at home, sometimes they come back to the spot in the manuscript. Mim at the interest of producers of the swelling, have begun to dream again. The first time had a dream to be the heroine of the screen. The name of the signed as she wish Lux beauty pageant. Reasons was very good. Humayun Ahmed sir, She have not seen in there. The contrast with Shakib Khan "Amar Praner Priya', the two films were visitors preferences. In particular, She love life, one of the year the business was successful. but then all of a sudden started to remove ourselves from the big screen. Busy became drama and advertising figure. Many large producers and production managers have back. Again, She interested in working in the film, they did not think of that old to me, is exactly the same. It;s much bigger.
Bidya Sinha Saha Mim was in London last month. Tania Ahmed barbarism Good Morning London was done. Impress Telefilms film, she became quite optimistic.
10 November is going to be that inteesting a dream. And it was a lot of swelling. Several plans are painting sleeves.