Is Bollywood Stars Are Fake Celebrity In Twitter Account?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who are Bollywood's Most Wanted? The short answer is, Stars. The stars are the most wanted? The question was kind of a riddle. But there are more answers... Social Media Strategist. Many of you know, or see very active social media star of Bollywood. That is from Twitter, Facebook or your own blog pages, every now and then making comments, posted pictures of himself doing or giving yourself updated about the new movie. You'll be surprised to hear, celebrities often do this work yourself. It leads to a social media strategist of team. Straight talking, just gives this team, how you interact with a star on social media, the fans, who himself or his product, and the basis of their own on how to promote how to earn. Rajinikanth episode: Many of you will remember, a few months ago the news came Rajinikanth, that he is going to join Twitter website. The crowed of fans mourned Twitter night. But in fact, any day Twitter Rajinikanth himself did. In fact, a few months ago 'kochadaiyaan' was released. A few million to promote this film so that all types, producers have tried him. This was a part of the night motivate Twitter account. The night Twitter 'Kochadaiyaan' they have information about the different kinds. And it was quite active in the account. Than now largely inactive. Cyber experts say, the leading stars of the night walk in the billion dollar business that can social media accounts. A tweet is viral moment, millions of people do. Social Media Strategist Okkhi Sharma, the one-time actor Vir Das Social media accounts handled, is explained thus, the choice of individual actors to communicate with the fans want. Stars began this social media account, the fans get the chance. But as we know, this kind of personal communication is not desirable at all. So with that, let personal communication who we are launching an official communication. We show stars do, what to tweet, which is not available. And we have advertisements the film teaser, promo etc. Asking fans to spread. Gradually people began to bring it out. Online people's to read and see out of the another way. Twitter is no longer a major road in the spectator. I'll take a shower, but the hair is not going to water, so have the account: It will not handle. because of the many. Bollywood stars and think, this is the social media experts are better than they can use. Bollywood actress Amrita Rao says, Social media experts will be able to tweet what they need and how to tweet. I personally saw this in the case of long term benefit to the Jungle is heard. Moreover, social media, I am present to myself, will depend on how the image of me. There are few actresses like Kajol, who does not like to give personal information Twitter. The only reason they have any particular joined social media. To clear liner, social media, I'm eager to share their own data. I joined Twitter social reasons. To promote the goals of the company officials said the Twitter that's what I'm doing. But I told them I can not give any personal things on Twitter. They have agreed to, an I have to add. The only actor and actresses not joining, singers and film director's also to hire a social media strategist list. However, this trend has also problems Bollywood singer Mansi Scott: 'I had to handle the social media experts my Facebook account. but after a while, and I would not have anything in my account password. After much debate and gives me back to one of the pages'. Expert believes in Salman Khan: Big boss at the time he left to his Twitter account specialist. Shahrukh Khan: Expert sees Facebook account. Rajinikanth: Twitter accounts expert hands. Although not directly in the hands of experts, but it was the opinion of experts, including a list Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Singh, Amir Khan.