Bangladeshi Actress Porimoni Has Finally Released A New Film

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni has finally released a new movie. Although a newcomer to film actress Porimoni in desi cinema had already starred in 13 films. Has signed more than 17 films. But it is surprising but true that the actress did not release a film. However, the 'Bhalobasha Shimahin' names have been submitted for clearance to a film of the sensor. Pori Moni acted first film it. The film has been cleared on sensor board on Tuesday, said the film director Shah Alam Mondol.

Porimoni has played opposite actor Anisur Rahman Milon and also the film has played actor Zayed Khan. Sensors board as it has been cleared Porimoni second film. Earlier, Dr Sumon Wazed film 'Pagla Deewana' gets clearance. The films release date has been finalized on April 3.
Actress Porimoni said, 'Valobasha Shimahin' my debut film. So the film is such a passion in my other works. A film story is a lot, I think at the beginning of such a story is not without gratitude to the director. The film look forward to
Pori Moni said, 'Valobasha Shimahin' my first movie. Expectations a little more. She said, my goal was to become a movie actress. On the big screen itself is a chance to complete. Can easily reach audiences. I think in the film.
Anisur Rahman Milon said, The emotional tension of the story has been created films. Actress Porimoni and directors, both the first film. I first worked with them. In all, many of these films have been added to the first.
Bhalobasha Shimahin film story of the movie budget was a lot more. But the director of the budget did not the sense that seems to be so much more. So in many cases, he has to compromise. yet, it was trying to build a better film. If the pattern of telling the story of the film is properly to fig. The film will be released in the relaxed. The film producer said, Love is the story of the film you want to release as public. This way we are prepared.
This is the start of the month of February, when the Cricket World Cup beginning. The World Cup could have a negative impact on the film of the business in any case does not seem to know that the director. Shah Alom Mondol said, I believe the story of the movie is good, then the world cup will not adversely affect any of my film business.
Love story can be seen in the movie Mirza family daughter Porimoni married with Talukdar family's son. They stand in the way of meeting the love. Talukdar family actor Milon and Mirza family actress Porimoni, they married. The relationship is important. This is the story of the film.