Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Confident as Raees Movie Shooting Began

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Pakistani film actress Mahira Khan, a new emerging rising stars in Bollywood cinema. 'Mahira Khan' name Bollywood is quite newcomer. She moved up to the top of the discussion before her debut in Bollywood actress. However, there is a reason behind it. Although this is a new actress in Bollywood, and her long experience in acting. Several reputable and heavy weight TV actress in Pakistan. But Pakistan in no longer. She opens the eyes of her new journey in Bollywood dreams. And at the beginning of the checkmate. Mahira Khan Bollywood film as a actress acting first debut with opposite actor Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh. But while working with Bollywood King, she was not worried about. Opposite the very self-confident.
Actress Mahira Khan has started work on a Raees movie. It can be seen with Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film started shooting. And start shooting with the film has started rumors surrounding with Mahira Khan. All the titular role in the new film has been Mahira. Shahrukh Khan is the whole point of the film, or just dominated. Mahira Khan dismissed the rumors are absolutely disdain smile. She said, I am as much a role, to the extent I had to prove myself.

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